Our People

Sage Caldwell

Research Associate

Sage Caldwell is a student at the University of Maryland College Park who is studying Government and Politics working towards a minor in public policy on a pre-law track. She aims to incorporate her background in political science with her future endeavors in law to study and implement policy that will aid in social justice, environmental justice, and racial equality. She has studied many aspects of political science including global development, research methods of development, public policy and leadership, and coding for political surveying. She codes in R-script to organize and analyze political surveying data and uses that information to study and report the differences in inequality, political beliefs, and the responses in hundreds of other surveyed questions.

She is driven to further research environmental impacts and incorporate them into as many facets of policy as possible. Originating in the Midwest, she has unique experience in agriculture and rural exposure and is interested in researching politics and socioeconomic differences in those areas.

Furthermore, her interest in policy and research is multifaceted and paired with a diverse course load in her undergraduate degree.